2016 Favorites by Everybody Loves Flowers

I cannot fathom that we’re already half way through September! So far, 2016 has been an amazing year for Everybody Loves Flowers! As I sit here writing, I can’t help but to think, where has 2016 gone? You know what they say-time flies when you’re having fun! Oh boy, has 2016 been a whole lot of fun! I have truly enjoyed creating beautiful floral arrangements for all of my couples and I’m looking forward to my fall weddings as well! Before we head into the final quarter of the year, I just had to share my favorite 2016 floral creations!

1. The Hanging Chandelier

No doubt about it, this is number one. Although I put every ounce of love and passion into all my creations, this one hold a special place in my heart. The elegance of it is such a breath of fresh air to look at, and I don’t think it could have chosen a more perfect venue to make its big debut! To Soho63, thank you for being such a big part of my 2016! Here’s to finishing up the year strong, and many more strong years ahead!

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Photos | Monique Hessler

2. Succulent Boutonnières

What’s not to love about succulents? Not only are they so in right now, but they’re such a wonderful addition to any Arizona wedding! There’s so much beauty in this state of ours, and there’s nothing I LOVE more than seeing my couples incorporate that into the biggest day of their lives! Assembling these brought me so much joy, and I hope to use this same technique in the future because they turned out so great.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 6.49.56 PM

3. Baby Rose Hair Piece

Something so sweet and special about this creation of mine… Not only was Bekah such an amazing bride to work with, but I don’t get to do hair pieces all that often! The coral baby roses could not have been a better choice for this The Elegant Barn wedding. They tied her entire theme together as you can see below!


LBRE0173 LBRE0149

Photos | Leah Breeze

By the end of the year, I’ll have to share my all time favorite creations of 2016!

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