Brides + Bouquets!

As a florist, I’m lucky enough to hand craft bouquets for all different kinds of brides! The one thing I’ve noticed over the years, is that every bride has a special style unique to her—which is the great part! My brides are all so wonderful in their own way, and being able to create such a wide range of bouquets keeps my job interesting and definitely more fun! I feel as if it is my responsibility to let that style and flair shine through in my arrangements for their special day!

Once I get to know my bride a bit better, I start to notice what she does and does not like. And from there, I can put my creative mind to work! It may be a particular flower she’s fond of, which helps me get a good idea of what to base the bouquet around. Or it could be a color, and in this case, I can think up some of my favorite florals in that color and leave the choice up to her! The most common scenario is working around their wedding theme—for example, it could be modern, elegant, vintage, or classic. In this case, I pick flowers I think work best with the theme, and use ribbon, burlap, or even pearls to garnish the bouquet to match their wedding theme! Below are some of my favorites! Enjoy!800x800_1447128400383-img4666 sweetpea bouquet rose bouquet - ELF View More: Roses RoseandSucculents garden berry bouquet Boquet

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