Floral and Succulent Soiree Highlight

While being a wedding florist here in Arizona is one of my biggest passions in life, another thing I love to do is to teach others. I absolutely love teaching my Arizona Floral and Succulent Soiree classes. I am so thankful to have a small little piece of perfection that I call my shop at Barnone AZ in Gilbert, Arizona. It has become home to so many fun gifts and goodies and where I work for hours making wedding flower dreams come true and where I host my soiree classes!

I have been taking groups of people interested in creating their own beautiful flower arrangements during Floral Soirees for quite some time now but I wanted to create a few classes last month so people could secure their spot and even try something new! I introduced my first ever Succulent Soiree and it was such a success!

My two groups of ladies were so sweet and so eager to learn and by the end of the night were absolute succulent pros. Their little take home masterpieces were so beautiful I would have kept them all for myself if I could!

My floral soirees are some of my favorite events that I look forward to all the time. Everyone comes and enjoys two hours filled with fun times and good laughs with their friends and then leaves with three different but so beautiful floral arrangements that they made themselves! I get to teach them how to keep their beautiful creations living a long beautiful life.

I find it humbling and so much fun being able to shed light onto others on something I am so passionate about! These classes have been so amazing and I am so happy with how successful they have been. But should I really be surprised? Everybody loves flowers! 😉

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Contact: mhelm@everybodylovesflowers.com

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