Floral Education

When thinking about the colors, theme and style of your floral design there are so many things to consider and draw inspiration from!  Whether it be a color, a place, or a memory with your significant other, the possibilities are limitless! One thing to consider when choosing your florals, is to take inspiration from your wedding venue! Some things to consider are –

  1. Is your venue indoors or outdoors? Some flowers don’t do well in the heat or sun
  2. What is your venue’s style? Is it rustic, modern, industrial? If you have a clean and crisp modern venue, burlap and daisies might be a little out of place.
  3. Does my venue allow me to do hanging centerpieces or floral installations (my fave!) Check with your venue coordinator to see what restrictions they may have. You don’t want to set your heart on having hanging floral centerpieces if your venue doesn’t allow it! You want to know what boundaries you have to work with before we team up and make your wedding floral dreams come to life!

As you can tell, I always suggest pulling inspiration from your wedding venue to create a cohesive theme for your wedding day! For example, I have been a part of many weddings at The Elegant Barn in Gilbert. When working with an Elegant Barn couple, we typically select flowers that go well with this rustic, vintage theme. For a barn wedding, I’m quick to suggest sun flowers, chamomile or stock. On the opposite and more modern end, a classic SoHo63 wedding may consist of calla lilies, manzanita branches, and white roses. In both scenarios, it’s all about educating my couples as to what florals will tie their special day all together! Below you’ll find examples of a modern SoHo63 wedding, and a rustic Elegant Barn wedding! Try to spot the differences!floral cake couple 1 centerpiece 1 bridesmaids 3 bride 1

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