Flower Mistakes to Avoid

Photo by: Everybody Loves Flowers

Photo by: Everybody Loves Flowers

I’ve learned quite a few lessons over the years as a master wedding florist working with different couples and weddings of different sizes and budgets. There are a few lessons learned that I always share with my couples when we sit down and design their wedding florals! I’ve decided to put them all in one place in a nice little blog post as a resource for you! Here are a few flower mistakes to avoid for your wedding day!

Number 1: Not trusting your vendors (Myself included!)

After communicating your expectations with your wedding vendors, it is crucial to have trust in them! Your wedding professional or I will want to live up to your expectations, but also want to put our own spin and design on things. Be sure to be flexible in your design and expectations, especially with flowers! There are certain flowers that are only in season during a certain time of the year or some flowers that don’t do well in the heat. TRUST your wedding professionals and you will be pleased with the outcome.

Photo by: blubirdpics

Photo by: blubirdpics

Number 2: Not reusing arrangements

I always encourage my couples to repurpose floral designs from the ceremony to be used during the reception. The typical wedding ceremony only lasts about a half hour, so why waste those gorgeous florals!? Incorporate them into your reception decor. For example, aisle flowers can be centerpieces. Your bridesmaid’s bouquets can even be laid out nicely on your sweetheart table as an arrangement. After the ceremony, there’s really no use for the bridesmaid’s bouquets!  Take it from me and repurpose your florals!

Number 3: Procrastinating 

Do not procrastinate. Waiting to book your florist can do more damage than you think. Flowers are a crucial part of your wedding! The design and vision you have will not be complete without beautiful blooms. Selecting your wedding flowers will help piece together the aesthetic of your wedding. I recommend selecting your florist after you’ve chosen your wedding venue and bridesmaids dress colors. From there, we can make your floral vision come to life!

Number 4: One color curse

A common mistake is having the flowers make the bridesmaids, which matches the table clothes and also happens to match the decor. Flowers are a great opportunity to add some color to your day. Whether it compliments your color scheme or is a bold contrasting color, let your flowers pop!

Number 5: Overwhelming scents

The idea of a centerpiece filled with a mix of romantic scents sounds amazing, but it could irritate your guests. Your guests could be allergy prone or just sensitive to strong smells. If the scent is important to you on your day make sure the aromatic flowers are in your bridal bouquet!

Number 6: Forgetting to save for flowers

Make sure to budget for flowers at the beginning of planning your wedding. When you have a theme and a plan it is crucial to get an idea of what you want right away. I recommend allowing for a minimum of $1500 for the floral budget on the low end to about $5,000 on the high end for florals.

Number 7: Choosing an oversized bouquet

Sometimes bigger is not better when it comes to your bridal bouquet. The larger the arrangement the more it covers and clashes with your wedding dress. Another aspect is the weight of the arrangement. You don’t want to be concerned with lugging something down the aisle! For a petite bride, I really prefer not to do an oversized bouquet because typically her hands are smaller and an oversized bouquet might need to be carried with two hands!

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