Unique ways to use Flowers

When you think of flowers for a wedding, two things most likely come into your mind: bouquets and centerpieces. Traditionally, those are the two most important ways that florals are used for your big day!

However, there is so much more you can do with flowers at your wedding besides the same old centerpieces and rose petals flanking the aisle. I LOVE when my couples get creative and ask for something unique on their big day. It allows me to step outside of the norm and create something. I always feel like an artist whenever I work with flowers, and these special projects just make it that much better!

Here are some creative and gorgeous ways to use flowers in a wedding that’ll have you as the talk of the town!

  1. Flower Crowns/Hair Pieces

The trend for weddings has been either shorter veils or no veil at all! But how can you walk down the aisle without anything on your hair? Well some brides look gorgeous with just a pretty hairstyle, others get a nice piece of jewelry to create a cultured look, and some have now been wearing flower crowns! Flower crowns give this bohemian chic look, but still creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

flowerblog1 flowerblog2 flowerblog3

  1. Hanging Floral Chandeliers

Want to add a whimsical feeling to your wedding? Instead of doing fancy, extravagant, large centerpieces at your reception, think about having hanging floral chandeliers! These hanging floral chandeliers are wreath-shape with an effervescent style of sparkling jewelry and beautiful flowers. I use a mixture of flowers that create a symmetry of style. How stunning are these hanging floral centerpieces!? (Yes, that is a humble brag 😉 )

flowerblog4 flowerblog6 flowerblog5

  1. Hanging Roses

This has to be one of my favorite floral designs at SoHo63. When Jennifer, my sweet bride, brought this idea to our planning meeting I instantly fell in love! Can you imagine walking down the aisle with a hundred hanging roses over your head!?  By hanging roses from the stems we created this aura of beauty and musicality I just loved.

flowerblog9 flowerblog8 flowerblog7

These are just a few ideas that I have found are a great alternative to the traditional floral artwork! Flower Crowns, Hanging Floral Chandeliers, and Hanging Roses are a great way to change it up a little, and make your wedding unique and one-of-a-kind!

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