Wintertime at Barnone

I’m absolutely loving my new space at Barnone in Agritopia!  Barnone enhances Everybody Loves Flowers’ passion and brings a new sense of community to my business. Barnone truly helps me connect with my clients and community! Here is what to look for during our winter season: curbside flower pickup, floral soiree classes and an elegance of home decor. 

Photo by: Everybody Loves Flowers

Photo by: Everybody Loves Flowers

Flower Arrangements in Store

With the holidays and all sorts of parts coming up, you should take advantage of the pre-made holiday arrangements! Kick off any celebration with a unique floral bouquet that will bring nature inside. A meaningful creation for a loved one is the perfect gift! Blooms provide comfort and peace for family and friends at any family celebration – from Christmas to New Years!

Floral Soiree Classes 

Photo by: Everybody Loves Flowers

Photo by: Everybody Loves Flowers

Have family coming into town for the holidays or just need something fun to do during your break? If you love flowers, allow me to entertain you! Gather a group of your girlfriends and get ready for a Floral Soiree! Your evening will be full of learning how to arrange flowers for your home and you’ll walk away with a stunning arrangement!

Wedding Flowers

 If you are planning your wedding, stop by Barnone and we can chat about the amazing flowers that will be a part of your day. Choose from Charming, Glamorous, or Stunning Floral Packages, or we can customize a package based on your needs!

I’d love to create floral arrangements for your special day. Let’s chat!

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